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It’s ambitious, and we’re convinced when it is done, there won’t be a clubhouse like it in Edmonton.


Starting in the fall of 2021, Royal Mayfair is moving forward with the rebuilding of its clubhouse. The stunning project will be completed the following year. This isn’t a renovation; rather, this is a completely revamped building developed from the ground up, and entirely focused on the club’s members and their interests and needs in the years ahead.


As part of the construction, the Professional Shop will be moved to the clubhouse, and adjacent to the Spike Bar. Additionally, and in fitting with the club’s focus on golf, there will be a new year-round Golf Performance Center, with golf simulators, as well as a group workout area that will allow members to work on cardio and golf-specific exercises.

Seeking to knock out a quick email or work on a project prior to your round? The club is converting its existing Professional Shop into a Business Centre, with two boardrooms.